These are just some projects I’ve worked on or contributed to. These will mostly be game development related projects done in my free time, but any work projects that I’m allowed to talk about will also be put up on here.

GameJam Kenney Jam 2017 - Onwards Sir Horse
Unity, C#, VR, VRTK

Link to game
I took part in a game jam called Kenney Jam where you have to use assets created by Kenney. I wanted to continue my VR experience in Unity with VR and used the VRTK toolkit to do this.
I had a lot of fun developing this game. The main aim is to take your troops against other enemy troops and try and take out their king before they take out yours.
Ludum Dare 38 - Yours
Unity, C#, A*, Shaders

Link To Ludum Dare Page
Link To where you can play the game.
I took part and created a small game for the Ludum Dare 38 game jam. The theme was Small World and I set out to create a god sim/sandbox game. I used Unity, and C# to do this. I learned a little about writing shaders, dynamic mesh deformation, and wrote my own A* implementation along with a grid graphing solution from mesh data. It was a lot of fun, and although the game was missing some ideas I had planned I did manage to create something that I was happy with. I got some fantastic feedback, and scored pretty well despite it being my first game jam. Thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I’m looking forward to taking part in future game jams.
Android, Java, Googlestore

Link To Google Store
Created back in 2014 myself and a friend wanted to work on little android game in our spare time. There were a number of goals, one of them was to see what it was like to develop a Android game in natively without using an engine. We also wanted to try a few elements out such as googles various game services, and advert sdks to plug into. We created a clone game with a few twists. We ended up with a fun little game, that hooks into google play services making use of their high score system which can be shared across google play users.
Tubular Systems - Sim Dispenser
C++, Embedded, GTK+, Raspberry Pi
Link to product
Stellaris Modification - Federation Leader Notification
Game Mod, Custom Scripting
Link to mod
Stellaris is a fantastic game, that I enjoyed a lot. When playing the game I noticed a need for particular notifications that were missing from the base game. I implemented a simple mod using Paradoxs scripting engine to create a mod that currently has over 30k subscribers.
Stellaris Modification - More Events Mod
Game Mod, Custom Scripting
Link to mod
A fantastic mod that I contributed too. Some really good ideas are put into this mod, and it’s a team effort pulling in various work from all over the world. The event I’ve contributed so far is the ‘Science Convention’ event.